Monday, November 3, 2008

Annapolis and Halloween

I'm currently at a mall in Norfolk, Virginia with limited time, using the wireless from the Mac store which spills out onto a couple of benches outside. I'll give a quick synopsis and post photos.

We arrived in Annapolis to find the boat safe in Spa Creek, we spent the afternoon loading and organizing, food shopping and laying out the next day. We had work to do to the boat, primarily insulating the engine compartment, so as to have the cabin quieter for boatschooling while running down the intercoastal. The twilight photo is of spa creek in Annapolis, a real ideal anchorage in many ways. We moved the following day to the wall in the center of town which is next door to a chandlery (Fawcett's) and ideal for being in town and having access to parts, etc. It was also perfect for trick or treating that night, as we would have easy access to the town. (Very important to our small ones). I spent the day working in the engine compartment while Laurel, Dakota and Alistair went to the local library and had school, the kids made friends on the sea wall as many people walked by and stopped to chat. Halloween was great, we found a very friendly street and the kids were treated very well indeed by the locals. (See pictures) Gotta run, the security guard just asked me to unplug from the wall. Will post again soon.


Alice's Trek said...

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Hola Charles,

Fantastic blog! Sound like you're already having a fabulous time. We miss you guys and look forward to following your adventures online. I'll try to include a Bowdoinham trick or treating photo.

Much love to you and the family.

Steve :-)

jglitter said...

Perfect costumes for two sea-men!

Shelley said...

Beautiful pictures! I check your blog everyday and look forward to your new postings. Happy election day!

Heidi said...

It looks like Halloween was fun for the kids. We have your school pictures. Should I keep them for you or send them to your mother? They turned out soo cute.

Eli's fam said...

HI Guys-
Finally found the blog and time to post....whew! We're really enjoying the pictures and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Jan
hi Dakota and Alistair how many sharks have you seen? miss you. Eli
Hey y'all- 60 degrees here today but it won't last (sigh). Looks like we won't have to consider emigrating! Yahoo!! Lots of love, Al

Lopez Family said...

Thanks for all the comments, we love hearing from you!!!

Heidi - do you mind just keeping the pics - we'll be sending a lot of pics from the trip, so i figured i don't need them for now, thanks!!