Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beaufort, SC

After leaving Charleston, around noon, we only had to go 35 miles or so to get within a reasonable distance of Beaufort, SC. We anchored in a pretty creek, surrounded by marsh. The kids played in the rigging while we got the cabin heated up and after dinner we had our "Go Fish" championship. Last night it was Duck, Duck, Bruce. The kids really get into it and its fun for us too.

Dakota free climbs to the spreaders, I'm amazed every time he does it. I sort of think to myself, he's only7, it's nice to see what they can do given the room to do it. He is so proud of himself and really enjoys the view up there, too. The boat offers many gymnastic opportunities between the shrouds (wires that hold up the mast), halyards (ropes that pull up sails), and the companionway (the doorway to the downstairs). This is great because, as most of you know, my kids have got lots of energy.

We arrived in Beaufort, S.C. (not to be confused with Beaufort, N.C.) on Thursday afternoon. Went into this lovely southern town, went for a walk around town and then straight to the playground, where the kids unleashed and played in the playground for hours. The play ground is new and part of a new waterfront that was just completed last year. it lines the whole harbor, has swinging benches, a boardwalk, even a performance area. Kudos to Beaufort, we now look forward to our stop there! Here's Laurel as we get ready to dinghy into town.

This is a shrimp boat tied up to the downtown waterfront seawall at a gorgeous sunset, awaiting for the swing bridge to open. The night was relatively mild and we enjoyed staying out, playing and walking.

The next day we browsed book stores and went to the library and post office to get a final delivery ( thanks, J!!!) Laurel went to the Piggly Wiggly (this is what the local grocery stores are named!). These are interesting stores and they have all the packages of chicken feet and pig fat and Souse (some sort of fatty sausage made with all the left over parts of the piggly). I managed to get enough stuff to augment what we had to get us through Georgia (there are not so many stops for groceries there). We cast off at 3 PM and headed down the Beaufort River to anchor in a little river protected from the NW, quiet and peaceful. We ate grits for dinner (when in Rome....) and tucked in, little did we know.......


jglitter said...

Oh my gosh, leave us with a cliff-hanger! I'm riveted - will check back to hear what happens!

Gail said...

Little did we know!!!???? arrgh! There had better be a post tomorrow, you guys. Not fair! This is worse than commercials!!

By the way, I see that you've been in touch with Doug. Did you know he's my brother-in-law? Yep, Jim's brother. He's huge into sailing, so has been enjoying your trip. Me, too.....enjoying your trip, that is....not soooo much into the sailing stuff. It's so cold here right now, I can't imagine being on a boat. Glad you're in the balmy south.

Stay safe. Happy Thanksgiving!

Schillinger Family said...

WISH WE WERE THERE! Where can we meet you :) We are all together for a family dinner and have enjoyed viewing your photos and stories.

Happy Thanksgiving and we hope you enjoy your travels!

Love, Karolyn, John, Norma and Fred

Lopez Family said...

Hi Ms Glitter,
The cliffhanger was definitely Laurel, part of her quirky nature you know. Gail, now it all clicks with Doug, I remember you talking about him before. To the Shillinger's, meet us anywhere, would love to see you guys! Thanks a lot to all for the thanksgiving wishes