Thursday, November 13, 2008


Adam's Creek

We left for Beaufort in the morning and were met with fog, and a lot of sea smoke. Pea soup at times. Reminded me of when in fog with George Waterman he'd say "Where the fog are we?".
The weather did clear though, the sun came out and we really looked forward to our time in Beaufort.

Once in Beaufort we got a lot of chores done. Charles
changed the oil and fuel filters and I did laundry

and grocery shopped. We also spent time at the library and went to the maritime museum, which had an exhibit on pirates, honoring the local legend of Blackbeard.
We also went to the little Island across from town called Carrot island. It had little sandy beaches and there you can see wild horses and Great Egrets..The kids also made a collection of jellyfish! I great place for a walk too. Charles took
the kids fishing one afternoon and low and behold
we have some delicious spotted sea trout for
dinner! After a couple of day we were ready to
more on, the air had a bite to it that made us think of points south

Carrot Island

Happy fishermen

All of these are of Carrot Island, except, of course, the fish, which are spotted seatrout


Matthew said...

Great reading and photos.
"Where the fog are we" reminds me of Grandpa Albrecht shielding his eyes from the sun, looking here and there in the distance, and declaring something like "Where the Fugawi" as in the "Fugawi" Tribe. There is even a gps mapping company called, which is a serious company with a very funny name.
Nice fish, boys! I hope they were as good to eat as they were fun to catch. I went a few days ago, but all I caught all day was a couple of small stripers.

GrannyGretaPapaGeorge said...

What fun your blog is! We love the pics. Bosun's chair, spotted sea trouts...Wow!
(Bosun = boatswain)
It looks like the modem is up and running; yes?

Lopez Family said...

Hi guys, thanks for the messages. Bought triggerfish from a fisherman in the harbor in Southport, NC. Really excellent eating, Happy B day Matthew!

Best, C.