Sunday, November 23, 2008

The night

So here's the story: After leaving Beaufort, SC around 3 PM and heading to a little creek with protection from the NE (wind predicted NE around 10), we anchored, turned on the anchor light, had dinner and tucked in. At one point I heard Charles get up and go out and start messing with the anchor chain. I got up thinking that it was morning and time to go. I checked my cell phone for the time and found that it was only 11:26. I happily went back to bed, not worried because Charles often gets up and messes with the chain. Sometimes, as was the case this time, he re figured how much we need out and thought that we hadn't put enough and made adjustments. All's well. At around 1:30 we woke up again, this time we found ourselves amidst howling, no roaring wind and bucking chop. The boat was tossing an turning, banging and clanging, the halyards were slapping and the chain was grinding. And to top it off the dinghy would every once in a while slam up against the side of the boat CRASH! What happened? Where did this wind come from? And what's up with the chop? Well, the weatherman didn't say anything about 30 knot northerlies tonight!! Just as we were adjusting to all the bru-ha-ha down below and falling slowly back asleep and especially special gust hit (did I mention that every time a gust hit the boat we would yawl around( lean over and swing around)?) and wait a minute, what's that smell?....exhaust!!! Charles sat bolt upright and said I smell exhaust and quickly turned off the diesel heater (so much for heat). So finally around 5ish everything settles down when the tide turns and the wind and tide are un-opposed (opposing tide and wind cause the chop - short steep waves) and we got to sleep a little. Whew, what a night.
The next morning we got up and left in still brisk wind and very cold temps and made our way into Georgia. We anchored in Vernon Creek along with other cruisers and some shrimp boats. The shrimp boats anchor with their outriggers extended. They look like old widows, worn and resigned, waiting for a new day. Enlarge the pic and check out the name of this old girl.

This night we spent peacefully and caught up on our sleep! Although the other night was not restful, we were safe and the boat was well anchored and we were not really worried (Charles was glad he had put out more chain though!), maybe slightly annoyed as Charles hung on on his bunk so he wouldn't fall out and I jumped a foot each time the dinghy slammed against the boat! The kids? Slept right through it, thank goodness!! Makes for a good story and the tag line got ya, right?

Breakfast in bed one cold morning! So, today we rose from our beds in Vernon Creek and set out at 6:30. We had the current with us most of the day and made 69 miles! This is a lot for our little boat, we were in at 5:20 and have only 45 more miles until the Florida border! We're anchored in Frederica River in which is the old Frederica Fort, built to defend this area from the Cuban and French invasions, back before this area belonged to anyone! Its hard and interesting to imagine what it was like here before all this land was developed and populated. The marshes are still empty for the most part, but there is a human presence never the less. Whether its all the navigational markers, a distant bridge or stack or an airplane flying overhead. It is a rare moment when one is truly surrounded by nothing but nature.


jglitter said...

What an evening! The story was worth the wait, I'm loving every recorded moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Good trigger fish, good shrimp, good pine cone throwing. We all raise a glass to you. Love, Papa G Gram G Matthew Nancy Scott Derik and four furry things.