Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tarantulas, Mini golf and a hole in one.

Alistair and I played mini golf today at Long Shot. Really had a great time. I had hoped to video some of it but my camera is on the blink, again...

Alistair played great and managed to par a lot of the holes, I made a hole in one on number 4. We were hoping that it was the secret hole in one for the day, as we would have gotten a free round but we were informed that the "secret" hole was number 12. Oh well...

After our round I bought Alistair a popsicle and like backseat drivers we stood behind the golfers on the range, silently giving advice.

Once home I went back to editing a little sailing video. Find it below.

Tomorrow will be my second day at BRB. Over the weekend I bought some new pants and a fleece vest for work and I spent some time looking for good, simple, warm, sturdy shoes but I couldn't find a pair that didn't look like a drag car or a tarantula on a sole, so I'll keep looking.

Will keep you abreast of the shoe search, have a great week!


Friday, August 28, 2009

First day of work and skateboards

I had my first day of work today at Boothbay Region Boatyard, where I'll be the new rigger/dockmaster. I used to work for Maloney Marine Rigging which is in the same compound and rents space from BRB, so I know a lot of the folks there and most faces are familiar to me. Sort of nice, a bit like a homecoming.

I spent my first day dealing with admin, safety and an introduction to the job. Then spent the rest of the day on the docks, rigging season not quite underfoot yet.

On a different tack I've attached this small video of Dakota and me skateboarding.

I've been having a blast editing and using my sensibilities in something other than still photography which is my background and what I'm comfortable with but now I gotta go, my turn to read to the kids. See ya C.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Frustrations, Solutions

We've now been back about a month, we're making progress on the job front having had some interviews and interest from a couple of places. We are patiently... waiting for more information from a couple places to see if we can put something together.

I've also been working on slide shows, PowerPoint and editing video. Which has been a lot of fun albeit the frustrations that technology can bring about at times. Oddly what creates the frustrations is resolved by the same means. I just post whatever frustration I'm experiencing on the web and find that countless other frustrated folks have been there prior to me and have ready answers for the plucking.

This video is from when we first started our voyage, it's the day after Halloween and we're sailing down the lower Chesapeake. Don't mind the fact that I use the word "awesome" more than an eighties valley girl, just a throwback...

We're also reconnecting with the community, I spent time at the Bowdoinham library today, doing satisfyingly mundane stuff like chatting with librarian Kate Cutko about cook books and Italian wedding soup.
We've been to friend's homes, had some friends here and partied with half the town last Saturday night. What better way to reconnect than to imbibe a wee much with friends.

Alas mateys, so it goes.

Best, C.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dolphins and Job Hunting

It's been a while since I've posted anything, we've been a bit crazy just getting our house back together, seeing friends and family, and alas also job hunting.

I've attached a video of dolphins playing in our bow wake. This is just off Marathon in the Florida keys. It's quite a large pod to include babies. Very cool.

My first time posting video so I'm not sure if it's in the right format or what have you. If any of you have any suggestions please let me know.

Just started using Facebook, it's been great to reconnect with friends that I haven't seen in forever, however it is a huge time waster.

Looking for a job has definitely been frustrating, as so much of it these days is sending out resumes through the web, I'm slowly realizing that's not the path. Will keep you updated. Seems as if we managed to come to Maine as the weather finally changed to good and have had more than one person thank me for bringing the sun. I like being known as a bringer of the sun. If I could only get a job doing that....