Monday, September 7, 2009

Conch cleaning and jobs

I did my first week of work which was a week of transition as the person I was replacing was going out and I was coming in. He also had the responsibility of training me but seemed a bit unhappy which made it more of a chore. He has now moved on and I feel as if I'm starting to settle in nicely.

I have a small video on cleaning conch, the person cleaning it is Andrew at Frazer's Hog Cay in the Bahamas (at the Berry Island Club). There are two steps missing in the video. One tapping the slot on the shell and two peeling the skin off. The more crucial one is peeling the skin off. Just take a sharp knife lengthwise under the proboscis and eyes make a shallow cut and use the knife to leverage the skin off. Helps if you have a glove on because conch is wicked slippery.

I haven't had a chance to search for the ultimate boatyard shoe but am coming to accept the pair I already have. I suppose time does that for you. The kids started school and all is well, Laurel secured a job caring for folks but has not begun yet. Missing the thought of getting on a boat and venturing somewhere far but we're just on a different phase of life just now and frankly I'm feeling fortunate for my job in this economy. Let me know what you think of the video...

Best, C.