Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Frustrations, Solutions

We've now been back about a month, we're making progress on the job front having had some interviews and interest from a couple of places. We are patiently... waiting for more information from a couple places to see if we can put something together.

I've also been working on slide shows, PowerPoint and editing video. Which has been a lot of fun albeit the frustrations that technology can bring about at times. Oddly what creates the frustrations is resolved by the same means. I just post whatever frustration I'm experiencing on the web and find that countless other frustrated folks have been there prior to me and have ready answers for the plucking.

This video is from when we first started our voyage, it's the day after Halloween and we're sailing down the lower Chesapeake. Don't mind the fact that I use the word "awesome" more than an eighties valley girl, just a throwback...

We're also reconnecting with the community, I spent time at the Bowdoinham library today, doing satisfyingly mundane stuff like chatting with librarian Kate Cutko about cook books and Italian wedding soup.
We've been to friend's homes, had some friends here and partied with half the town last Saturday night. What better way to reconnect than to imbibe a wee much with friends.

Alas mateys, so it goes.

Best, C.

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