Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Dismal Swamp

Election day, we're in a swamp. We home schooled early in order to make the 8:30 bridge opening and make our way down the Dismal Swamp. The weather was cold and raw, lots of wind and, at times lots of rain. We reached the end of the swamp and contemplated how much further to go. The weather was deteriorating for a couple of days, so we decided to put in right before the end lock at a free wall in South Mills, NC. It was here that Charles rigged up the bozun's chair.....we had watched a movie about a family that used a bozun's chair as a swing and swung around outside the boat! The kids couldn't wait! The pics say it all.

The next day we stayed put due to 40 mile hour winds and torrential (at times) rain. We walked and played games. At the end of the day we treated ourselves to pizza at local gas station/pizza joint. Anxious to be on our way, we tucked in early.
Now the Swamp, although doen't sound appealing, is actually extremely beautiful. There is no other place quite like it. The water is the color of coffee due to the tannin in the leaves in the area that fall into the canal and decompose. The trees over hang the water and stumps stick out close to shore. The place feels old and wild. Herons glide just above the water down the canal and eagles fish from the cyprus trees. The air is spicy and damp. Its a mysterious and quiet experience.

On November 6th, we awoke to calmer winds and an eagerness to shove off, as did many other dock mates. We all got ready for the 1st 9AM locking and went through, this time going down inthe lock 8 ft. This put us in the Pasquotank River which winds it way into Abermarle sound. Half way down lies Elizabeth City, a cute town that embraces the cruising commnity like no other. It was there that we tied up around 12:30.

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Gerardo Rafael Cantu said...

These are amazing pictures, and what an amazing trek! How cool your whole family is on this trip together!!!!