Monday, November 17, 2008

Waccamaw River, Georgetown

Dakota and I
Sunday our destination was Georgetown, S. Carolina . We left early as usual, we like to do this for a number of reasons, one Laurel and I get to have some time together while the kids are still asleep. It's quiet and we can catch up on what our day is going to look like before the kiddos get up.
Two it's beautiful at that time of the morning, we usually get to see the sunrise, and it's very quiet out.
Three it either helps to get us to our destination early or make a longer destination.

On our way through South Carolina we passed the barefoot landing swing bridge, the swing bridges usually won't open in winds over 35 knots. So in bad weather you may be stuck on one side of a swing bridge for days until the weather improves.

You really see a lot of interesting stuff on the Intercoastal, here are cable cars that ferry golfers over the intercoastal from a parking lot to a golf course. They are complete with golf racks for your bag.

This is on the Waccamaw river, very pretty, with cypress trees and a lot of turtles. This is Alistair having a closer look at turtles sunning themselves on logs near shore.

Early this morning on our way out of Georgetown, cold out hence the sea smoke over the water.

Alistair with his own fishing system which he deploys off the side of the boat. He even has drawings of how it works and a number of improvements for me to work on with him.
We'll finish today just shy of Charleston, S.C. we'll roll in there tommorow morning and spend a couple of days checking out the sights and stopping by Hyman's for Po' boys. Please email us or post a comment. I've made it easier to do that without the sign in feature. You can also get a rss feed straight to you. I've posted a button for it, you'll find it on the top right of the blog. I like the google one and every time we post something you get it immediately.
Best to all, C.


Alice's Trek said...

Hello Everyone,

We're sitting here in the kitchen as a family enjoying your adventures (Alice's Trek blog reading is now part of our morning routine).

Joseph says, "Hi Alistair, I hope you're having a fun time. I have five cavities [Pops is MOST displeased!!!]. They're not going to drill them, but it's just a kids dentist so everything's tiny. We got your Blackbeard postcard - thanks - I learned that he sets his beard on fire to scare people so he doesn't use all his strength. Love, Joseph"

Camila says, "Hi everyone. Yesterday Joseph went to the dentist and he got me a cat sticker and fish stickers. In school I made a letter project that you do with pencils and stamps and I also made a Cornucopia with an orange and apple and grapes in it. Right now I'm helping Mama do lunch for school today."

Life in Bowdoinham is relatively uneventful. Temps have dropped into the upper 20's in the early AM. State budget projections continue to drop - grim financial times. Hmmmm...something a little more upbeat...the weather's sunny and we're looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday.

We love reading your blog. You've most certainly got a great book in the making. Would you like me to send the link to Darcie Moore @ the Times Record? I'll bet she'd find this great material for an ongoing story.

Joseph has more to say, "Hi again. I"d like to tell you about the fall. It's good in that we've raked up two leaf piles. One was really long and thin and tall and it was the longest one we ever made. Then there was another that really big and deep and tall. It was the tallest one we ever made. School is going well and there's been a lot of good lunch. The projects have been good and there's a lot of fun stuff to do. Bye."

Do you have an email address where we can send along some photos? Just let us know.

Missing all of you and hope you're having a fabulous time (sure looks like it!!!)

Much love,

Steve, Deb, Joseph and Camila

Gail Allard said...

Hello all,
Sounds like you're having the times of your lives. You can bet there are some envious souls at this end of the blog!
Charles - should I expect a W-2 for taxes? Just wondering if you'd thought of it before you left. Also, we've just received official word that our move will definitely be to Rochester, NH. No time line available yet, tho'. Why does that not surprise me??
Laurel - I envy you the time you're spending with your boys. What a wonderful way to learn about the world!!
Keep sending us news.

Lopez Family said...

Hello Steve, Joseph, Camilla and Deb, We were hoping to answer your email last night but lost our internet, have it back now, tonight if all goes well we'll sit down with kids and answer. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

Best, C.

Lopez Family said...

Dear Joseph, Camilla, Steve and Deb,
Alistair says, Joseph is your cavities gone? Did you guys make a tunnel in your leaves pile? We have lots of fun exploring the marsh, we saw big red drum (fish), we saw a whelk he was cool he was a big shell like a snail he had no ears and he was eating clams. We seen otters too at the marsh. That's done. Bye Camilla and Jophus.

Steve and Deb,
Did you guys find big leaves like a mitten, like a mom's mitten. Steve and Deb are you having a fun time with your kids?
Jophus are you having fun? Do your cavities hurt? Do your ears hurt?


Dakota speaks:

Hi guys,
How has school been going, have you still been playing with Franzi and his police games? Is Eli doing good? I hope he is, I've been exploring marshes, and seeing baby otters, whelks and one time while we were motoring down a river we saw a baby blue heron, I miss you guys and I'll be back in ten months. By the way Joseph, nice try, wise guy.

Alistair speaks again:

Have you seen the turtle big because we've seen the turtle little, by the way Jophus are you motoring in your ship with your pirate girls and everything?


Hi Deb and Steve,
We are in Beaufort, SC finally got to answer your message, thanks for your comments we really appreciate it. Has been cold for this part of the world with lows in the high 20's and 30's and highs in the 50's. Life aboard is smoothing out. Home schooling is working out and we seem to have a good routine established. Laurel just asked me to tell you that she sends her love to you and she misses you both. Let us know if you do get into the Florida area at some time.

Miss you guys, thanks for the messages.

Best, Charles