Saturday, November 15, 2008

Southport and Bones

We crossed the Cape Fear River and arrived in Southport around 2:00 PM, we'd heard that there were a few free docks to be had from an off season restaurant.
Following just behind us was another Maine boat "Clio" a handsome Tahiti Ketch out of Kittery. Felix the owner an ex Navy fellow and his wife are heading to the keys to live aboard and teach in the Public School system. We both docked our boats and were met by a fellow named " Bones"
He met us beer in hand, deep tan and a rumbly voice. He helped us out with our lines and where to find the local Napa, shopping, etc.
Dakota meanwhile suprised us by jumping on the spinnaker halyard and climbing it all the way to the spreaders where he had a seat. Smile on face, proud of himself.

We all went into town, Laurel went to the library with the kids, I went to find the local NAPA to find a part. We met a bit later the kids and I went back to the docks and Laurel went in search of some basics, (eggs, cheese, etc)
Back at the docks I ran into Bones again and asked him if he knew where I could buy some seafood. He said the local market was closed. Then he turned and yelled to another fisherman. "Hey, Bill you still got some of them trigger fish?" Well it turned out Bill did and he sold us three for ten dollars.
Bones asked me if I'd ever cleaned trigger fish before, I told him I hadn't. Apparently there was a different technnique for them. Bones cleaned them for us aboard Mr. P the fishing boat he works on and we all got to admire just how good he was at it. I of course had a beer for him and he threw in a bucket full of ice which we needed badly.

There's al sorts of characters out there, Bones certainly was a helpful one.

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