Thursday, November 13, 2008


We are currently just South of Surf City in North Carolina, but are still trying to catch up with previous entries in the blog. I may expedite some of it by posting photos with captions and making comments along the way.

We left Elizabeth City and crossed Abemarle sound into the Alligator River on Nov 7th. Great sail, kids played in the rigging and got some great sun towards the end of the day.

Alistair always creative with the space down below has found a yet a new nook in the boat to read his Richard Scary books.

We finished our day in the Pungo River. Tommorow Adams Creek

We woke early as usual with 15 to 20 knots of wind from the Southwest, there were at least 20 other boats all headed to somewhere in the N. Carolina coast, although a good many made their way somewhere on the Neuse River, many to Oriental. We headed for Adams Creek which connects you to Beaufort where we planned to take a few days off from moving, pick up mail, catch up with ourselves and do a little boatwork (change oil, etc.) See photos below:

Laurel at the helm on our way out of the Pungo River, cold but a beautiful morning


Dakota cold but braving it!

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