Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Deanna & Guttorm's

Our departure from Maine was a bit harried, mostly from packing, cleaning, and getting together gear for the boat but we made it out the door on schedule and arrived at our friend's home, Guttorm, Deanna and their kids Andre and Olivia, in Bangor Pennsylvania. ( The picture above is of our two families)

The kids know each other well and played non stop until they hit the sack. We caught up with Guttorm and Deanna and had a superb dinner that Deanna put on. We leave early in the morning, to try to avoid the worst of the Baltimore traffic and to get there and get doing. Our loose plan is to spend the day unloading, sorting and organizing the boat. We will most likely stay in Annapolis until Saturday as the kids are very much looking forward to trick or treating and I wouldn't want to dissapoint Black Beard the pirate, and Obi Wan Kenobi. This works out as I have to change the oil, install sound insulation in the engine compartment and deal with a handful of small this and that to get our cruising home/classroom up to snuff. By the way thanks so much for logging in to our blog and thank you for your emails, calls and well wishes, we remain grateful.

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