Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Titusville to Cocoa

Okay, so the last time we were in this canal it was blowing 40 with torrential rain, just a distant memory! Charles slowed the boat down and the boys fished and we all watched the many vultures and osprey fish, hunt and sun themselves. Very cool!

Dakota enjoying himself on the bowsprit.

Going through a bridge.

Dolphins are very hard to photograph! This was my best shot. They were very playful, swimming along side the boat, splashing, showing us their tails. I can't describe the way it feels to watch a dolphin. Such pure joy!

Here we were sailing very fast, so fast that the turns were fishing in our wake. They tirelessly fly, calling and looking down. Once in a while one would dive for something and then peel off to the end of the line. They are fun to watch!

The boys went fishing in a mangrove and when they came back they told me that they had been surrounded by manatees!!! Wow! I wish I had seen it! They said one was balancing on its tail and sticking its nose out to breathe.

Today my Uncle Jake and Aunt Bernie came to see us! They took us out for lunch and to run a miriad of errands. We had a great time and it was so wonderful to see them! I hadn't seen Bernie in over 12 years, she looks great! Jake is great, funny as ever!! Thank you so much for coming and for all the U turns!!! We love you!

Isn't this a great pic! These are some people we met who also are headed for the Bahamas. They have travelled all the way from Quebec! Of course we have been drawn to them becasue we are all travelling with our kids. The kids all love to play and fish together. They also shout all sorts of funny stuff across the water whenever we see them! Phillipe took the boys fishing this evening and they had a great time. Phillipe and Rosalie are very nice people and we hope to continue to cross paths!

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