Saturday, December 6, 2008

Peck Lake to West Palm Beach

It was so hot on our way to Peck Lake from Vero Beach that the boys resorted to dumping bucket of water on their heads! It cooled them down and was fun too!

Peck Lake is a little area off the intracoastal where you can anchor an go ashore at a park. The park consists of a path through the dunes and a long and lovely beach, with beautiful clear water, big ocean waves, and thousands of shells. The boys and I spent a couple of blissful hours swimming and beach combing for shells, mangrove seeds, sea glass etc. The breeze was lovely, yet it was warm. My kind of heaven!
After we went back to the boat the kids wanted to bottom fish (using bait and letting it sit on the bottom), I had just cooked a chicken and gave them some of the skin and low and behold Dakota caught three catfish. None big enough to eat but he was thrilled!

So we were waiting for a bridge ( it runs on a schedule of opening on the hour and half hour) and we saw some coconuts on a beach so i rowed over and collected them. Later Charles pulled out all sorts of tools to open one. The kids were excited and the coconut was delicious!
When we got to the anchorage at West Palm we discovered that we could see the bottom!! Wow! How tropical! We could see everything, oysters, jellyfish, our anchor! The water is so beautiful, so blue!

We went ashore and walked to the beach on Singer Island. The water was 76 degrees! We swam and beach combed again! The beach had a flock of skimmers, sea birds that fish by dipping their protruding lower beak into the water as they fly. They at first glance always look like puffins to me. The kids loved the waves and the warm water!!

Later we went back to the boat for dinner and noticed all these boat heavily decorated for Christmas with numbers on them passing by. We had managed to arrive in West Palm on the very day of the Christmas boat parade! It was great with over 30 boats decked out in Christmas lights!

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Gail said...

Hello all! Still enjoying your travel tales and photos - thanks for sharing.
The snow came last night and is still falling now. This year we managed to time it right and got the wreaths and outside decos up yesterday. Even secured the deck furniture and moved the snow blower into its 'ready' position. Don't think we'll need it for this snowfall, tho'. How will you celebrate Christmas this year? Decorate a palm frond with seashells? I guess it doesn't really matter, as long as you're all together and having a great time.
Safe sailing,