Monday, December 1, 2008


We left Fernandina and made St. Augustine by the end of the day. St. Augustine is a very pretty town, with a really beautiful waterfront, in the holiday season they decorate it with lights and it's a nice sight from the anchorage. It's finally getting warmer and we've all been enjoying, wearing just a couple of layers instead of six.

We opted not to stick around St. Augustine choosing to keep on moving and so left the following morning and headed to Daytona. While underway I rigged the Bosn's chair to the boom right in the cockpit and Dakota and Alistair took turns using it as a swing.
Our anchorage in Daytona was between two bridges with a boat ramp to row to and get off the boat, below Dakota and I are getting the dinghy situated.

We walked down to the beach for a walk and we treated ourselves to ice cream before returning back to the boat to enjoy the balmy evening.

Dakota was intent on getting up the mast in the Bosn's chair, here he is most of the way up (he's very proud of himself) the other thing the kids are into now is getting raised up the mast on the bosn's chair about a third of the way up and then just skylarking around by kicking themselves around in the rigging, jumping from one end to another and so on. They literally beg me to set it up for them all the time now. Fun!

We left Daytona the following day the forecast was for high winds and squally weather, but the intercoastal is protected enough that high wind still allows you to move in relatively flat water. Mid afternoong the weather hit with 30 plus mile an hour winds and torrential rain. We had originally planned to try and make Titusville but you have to cross a small bay to get there and with the south westerly wind, we knew it would be wicked choppy, so we opted to anchor in Mosquito Lagoon, where we had great protection off the land. Was exciting for a while though as the rain was so heavy that at times I couldn't see more than 150 yards or so. Dakota really wanted to come up top during the squall but he settled with sitting in the companionway.

One big bummer is that I had my camera in the pocket of my new "waterproof" jacket and it got soaked and so far I have not been able to revive it. So you may only see Laurel's photos for a while. The photo above is the last pic I managed to squeeze off.

Our plan for today is to enjoy Mosquito Lagoon for a while this morning and then make Titusville where we hope to get propane as we're almost out. I know if it dies during Laurel's coffee this morning that we will all have problems because as they say in Maine if momma ain't happy, ain't noboby happy.

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Laurel and Charles,
Hi there, it's me, Hoyong! Jill and I got connected through Facebook; she send this link to me. Amazing digital world! Thanks to the technology connects old friends~~
Happy new year! Also have a safe sailing!! I'll send you my blog (once it's done) to show my family and myself. Love,