Monday, December 15, 2008

Swimming and flying

So we've been in Miami for about a week and have been busy! We anchored in Miami Beach and took a walk on Lincoln mall, a walking area closed off for pedestrians. We've spent time with Papa Charlie at his house. He has a pool and the kids have been taking full advantage! They have been practicing with their snorkeling gear.

Even when it hasn't been very warm they can't wait to get into the pool!

On Saturday Papa Charlie offered to take us up for a flight in his plane. He first explained to the kids that they only got to go if they helped wash the plane. As you can see they were hard at work! They were so excited! P.C. has three working headsets with a mic and he fits four people in the plane. So, P.C. has to have a good headset and I got one, being in the co-pilots seat, that left Dakota and Alistair. Can you guess who got the last one and talked a stream the whole flight? He was so excited he couldn't get over it! he commented on everything...look how small the people are look how small the houses arewhat is that lake what is that building can you see the trees? If you guessed Alistair you're right! He also asked to fly the plane and P.C. obliged and he came up on my lap and flew. This he took very seriously and followed directions very well! He loved it!!

Dakota also had a great time and spent the whole flight glued to the window looking at the scene below. We flew at 1000 ft and so could see lots fo stuff. We also flew over the boat.

Afterwards we all went to get some cold beer and chicken wings and had a great time. Can't you tell?

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Eli's fam said...

HI guys....ooh....warm weather, tans and swimming. Verrry jealous. It's 15 degrees here and snowing. Got the wood stove cranking and Eli on my lap. He really misses Dakota. From Eli: Both classes watched a movie about canada & mexico. Xmas coming quickly and almost ready...hope you have a wonderful holiday romping in the sun! We miss u....