Friday, December 5, 2008

Pine Island and Vero Beach

We left Cocoa early and made our way south to a little anchorage behind Pine Island. Its a shallow but charming spot surrounded by little islands with sandy beaches and mangroves. After getting the boat settled we got into the dinghy and Charles and the kids went fishing and dropped me off on the beach.

This was one of the first evenings that was warm and balmy. We grilled our dinner and enjoyed sleeping with the campanionway open.

The next morning we went to Vero Beach. The anchorage is small and you must take a mooring and most of the time are rafted to other boats on the moorings. We were directed to a mooring and promptly went ashore for showers. As my new friend Rosalie said "the dirty one is dead!"

We took the free bus to the beach and had lunch at a great pizzeria and then went to the playground nearby. Here is where I found this turtle painted with a safari scene.

We found that our friends Phillipe, Rosalie, Javie and Elian were also here and the kids immediately started playing, hugging, tormenting lizards. Good stuff!

This is Phillipe and Rosalie. The kids all sat together for dinner. We had everyone over for dinner and had a great time. The kids all get on well as do we adults. Later another boat came in late and rafted up to us and we invited the skipper to join us. Banff was travelling alone and has done this trip before and so was a wealth of info about the Bahamas, and great company too!

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Eli's fam said...

Hey guys! Warm weather at last! Sorry haven't posted in a while....lost password! Busy here preparing for winter and Christmas. Snowing here today...not much accumulation....but large, pretty snowflakses. More later now that I can! Miss you all....