Friday, December 19, 2008

Key Biscayne

Hello everyone, we left Miami Beach a week ago and went a couple miles south to Key Biscayne. This is still in the city limits of Miami and actually closer to P.C. We anchored off of Hobbie beach ( called this because they rent hobbie cats there) and spent a couple of days at the beach and also at the Sea Aquarium where we saw dolphins jump and twirl and also an orca do the same thing. The kids loved it. I forgot my camera so no pics, sorry!

We also stayed in Crandon Park Marina for a few nights and they have a little beach nearby which we also took advantage off. This cove is quiet and protected by a large mangrove that serves as a rookery for pelicans and cormorants. We went out for a day and when we got back the rookery had come to roost as was evident from the droppings on the boat! Yuck! We had to go and wash the boat it was so bad!

Alistair and I walked over to a fishing boat that had just come in in hopes to see some cool fish. There on the dock were four dolphin!! Alistair asked lots of great questions like what kind of bait did you use (live herring) and where did you catch them (on the edge of the Gulf Stream) and can i catch one on my pole (yes a small one).

Alistair loves ropes and has endless games that involve tie-ing ropes to various things. Hauling buckets, fishing nets etc. This rope was a lot to handle!

Dakota running on the beach, always a beautiful thing.

We are getting ready for Christmas although it feels very surreal in a tank top! We are pitifully late in everything and if we don't manage a card please know that we wish everyone a wonderful holiday and are thinking of all our wonderful family and friends!


Schillinger Family said...

Charles, Dakota, Alister and Laurel, We are glad that you made it to your holiday destination. Have a merry christmas, new years and be safe. 1800 miles, what a trip! Where are you guys heading after the holidays?

Lopez Family said...

Hello John and Karolyn!

We are headed to Papa Charlie's for Christmas Eve - looking forward to a tropical Christmas! After the holidays we plan to head to the Keys and the tip of Florida, then to the Bahammas. No set schedule, mostly weather dependent. We do hope to be in the Bahammas by the end of Jan.
Have a great holiday season, our love to all! Laurel, Charles, Dakota and Alistair