Saturday, July 18, 2009

Martha's Vinyard

We spent 7 days on Martha's Vinyard anchored in Lake Tashmoo, a lovely well protected anchorage close to Vinyard haven or Tisbury. We had a great time on the island! We took the bus all over, played on the beach, walked among the old captain's houses and admired a variety of boats in the harbors. Dakota and I on the beach in Tisbury
The road leading down to the dock in Lake Tashmoo.
Aquinnah cliffs from a look out. These cliffs are visible as you sail in Rhode Island sound towards Buzzard's bay.
Dakota looking at the lighthouse.
That same day we went to a town called Menemsha and the kids went crabbing with many other kids and had a ball!
More crabs!
Statue in Menemsha
The crab was this big!! Crabbing in Tisbury, they caught maybe 30 crabs!

Many of the towns on the Vinyard are very old and have a long history of fishing and whaling, therefore they have old captain's houses with widows walks. These are balconies on the roof where the wife of a sailor would go to look out to sea and see if her husband was returning.
Some of the garden's were lovely, many houses are planted with hydrangas and daisys and many other perennials.
The path to the lighthouse and beach.These roses grow wild here!

Edgartown's waterfront
Charles relaxing in front of the Whaling Church
Pillars of the Whaling Church in Edgartown. They are made of wood, the whole building is classic New England architecture.
Our last day we met a lovely couple, John and Pat, sailing on Remedy their nonesuch 30. They had us for cocktails and we all loved them. This in Pat with Alistair.
All in all we loved MV. it was a definite highlight for me this whole trip. A perfect blend of quaint towns, very friendly people, interesting history, crabbing for the kids and of course there was Lake Tashmoo.

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Gail said...

Hey, you're almost home!! Perfect timing, since summer has just arrived here. We certainly have enjoyed your trip - thanks for sharing.
Charles - we bought a house in NH! Staying in Brunswick until this house sells... Don't know how long the visual tour will be available, but you can give it a try.