Friday, July 31, 2009

Cuttyhunk to Freeport, Maine

Well, after Martha's Vinyard we sailed over to Cuttyhunk, the last island in the Elizabeth island chain, and spent the day. We had fun hiking the island and then going to the beach for rock throwing challenges. Dakota loves to rock scramble.
Hike on the rocky beach.
Taking a break
We then went to South Dartmouth to meet us with our friend Lauren and Cary and their two kids, Max and Milo. They were staying with their friend Jenn, in the middle.
The four boys.
The kids made a dam together
We then sailed through the Cape Cod canal and up to Provincetwon, MA. These pictures are widows looking out for their husbands to come home from sea.
They built a 1/2 sized boat in the library.
We met up with our friend Pat and John there and spent a day with them.
They kindly towed us to our boat with our groceries!
Our next stop was Gloucester, a fishing town. On our way we saw humpback whales!!

Alistair mastering the monkey bars
A cool sculpture of an artist
Then we went to the Isle of Shoals, which is a group of islands in New Hampshire and Maine. One island, Star, has a big hotel and retreat center and lots of trails, some of this island is open to the public to explore.
Another island, Smuttynose, is privately owned but open to the public as an historical site where a famous murder happened 100 years ago.
The harbor at sunset. The next morning we set sail for Casco bay and made it in late, then on to Freeport the following morning. We've been in Freeport for one week and plan to move back to the house tomorrow! We plan on continuing the blog from home so keep on visiting!

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