Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Visit with Matthew and Nancy

After leaving NYC, we made our way up Long Island Sound (or is it down?) to the Connecticut River and dropped the hook in Essex about 5 miles up. We were looking forward to seeing my brother Matthew and his family for a couple of days. The following morning he came and picked us and our laundry, of course, up and we went to his house to hang out, play etc. Matthew has gotten really into mountain biking and was showing us some of the stuff he's learned to do on his bike. It was pretty cool and the kids were truly inspired (we have ramps and jumps in our future). We also discovered Scott's (our nephew) old skate board and then Charles became inspired and now he has a skate board and lots of plans to ride again!

The boys love the pond with all its wildlife. Tiny toads, tadpoles, fish and big daddy frogs like this guy! That evening we all had dinner together and Derik (nephew) and his girlfriend Britany joined us and although I sadly don't have a picture of them, they look great and happy!

The next day we met Matthew in Waterford, CT to go fishing. We got to go 32 mph, quite a thrill compared to 5 nmph (roughly 6 mph) that is our average cruising speed! Hence the grins!

Matthew happy and at ease at 32 mph! My brother loves to fish and has always been the fishing guru for us. Whenever we have a question about fishing, need advice or encouragement, or catch a fish, Matthews phone rings! He is always patient and enthusiastic!

So he took us to the out flow of a nuclear power plant, a fish mecca in the tropical waters, a nuclear hot spot, fish bliss and it didn't disappoint! We caught good sized bluefish right off! We kept one for the grill and let the rest return to the virtual spa waters.

Dakota was very excited to haul in a blue! They are great game fish, meaning they put up a great fight and are fun to land.
We also caught this beauty of a striped bass, not a keeper though for in CT they need to be 28 inches minimum.

After we were done catching blues, we decided to try our luck with Porgies, so Matthew set about getting everyone set up with rigs for still fishing with bait. We moved to a point that Matthew has marked "porgy" on his GPS and they tried but had no luck. So we moved and also had no luck and lost a lot of rigs, which Matthew says is an occupational hazard of bottom fishing. So having had our fun we headed for shore to have a picnic lunch.
Matthew took the boys back to his house to wash the boat and set up for badminton. Charles and I went to search for a place to fill the propane tank (whole other blog entry).
When we got back we all played badminton and bocce ball and had a great time. No other game makes me laugh as much as badminton, its too funny, I'm in hysterics the whole time.
Matthew and Nancy have a really nice pond that the kids love, here is Alistair looking for frogs in the late afternoon sun (sun!).
That evening Derik and Britany came again and we all had fajitas that Matthew did on the grill. yum! Nancy made some serious cosmopolitans and we all had a great time! Here is Nancy with Kinsey.
Thank you Matthew and Nancy for a great visit!!

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