Friday, January 2, 2009

Time with Dimitry and then Off to the Keys

Much to our delight we have been reunited with Dimitry! (Charles' cousin). We have had so much fun catching up on the last 8 years of our lives! He also helped me provision for the Bahamas, trekking me all over for the best deals in town. It was huge help and much appreciated! The kids absolutely LOVE Dimitry and ask for him constantly! He took us to a park near his house with a huge banyan tree and the kids climbed all over it and then started to Tarzan swing on the new roots coming down (I will try to include a video of this). The loved it!!

We also managed to fit in a sail with Dimitry and as we watched him leave felt so sad to see him go that we stayed in Miami one more day to spend with him! We hung out and the kids played Spore (a really cool computer game about evolution) then we headed out to a party at his friend Michelle's house and didn't get home until 1:30. The kids first real new years!! They loved staying up late and Michelle has a 13 year old son, who wasn't there, but his toys were!

This is Charles up the mast doing some work and checking that alls well.

Charles and Dimitry.

Dimitry and the boys in the banyan tree.

So, on new year day we recovered from our late night, Charles did projects on the boat and I took the kids for a walk on the beach. The next morning we left Miami Beach and headed once again south to the keys. This pic is of an area just south of Key Biscayne called stiltsville. There once were many houses built on stilts, but alas they were destroyed by hurricanes. Some were rebuilt and apparently are available for rent from Dade county.

We ended up in Elliot Key and went ashore to take a walk to the ocean side but found that it was closed due to repairs. We did however walk in the hammocks on the island. The word hammock comes from the Indian word hamaca (that may not be correct spelling) that means tropical jungle. The island was very busy being a holiday, but the kids enjoyed a swim in the mangroves, while we walked around after them. During the early afternoon Papa Charlie payed us a visit in his airplane and thrilled us with swoops and fly-bys. The kids jumped up and down shouting "do it again, Papa Charlie!". I got a small video which I will work on getting up. Papa Charlie also spent lots of time helping us out with supplies and propane etc., he lent us his car many times, too. I don't know what we would have done without him! Thank you , thank you!!!

I know you've seen this one before, but its so good, I just had to publish it again!
Our two wonderful Charlies!
Yesterday we moved on to Buttonwood sound and worked our way in front of Snooks tiki bar. We couldn't wait to get ashore and a rum punch! The kids went off to play at the beach next to the bar and a musician came to play Caribbean music. We had a great time just relaxing. Charles and I even danced!!

I tried to get the video, no luck. I think I have to reformat it. If anyone knows, let me know how to do it! Thanks

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Gail said...

Charles, you look happier than I've ever seen you, not to mention very tanned and healthy. And the kids look enthralled with their experiences. Laurel, we don't get to see much of you - I assume because you're behind the camera. Charles, take a nice shot of Laurel so we can see how happy and tanned and healthy she is!
Enjoy the Keys!!