Sunday, January 25, 2009

Off to the Bahamas! (well almost...)

Dimitry, my cousin, was kind enough to invite us his home to watch the presidential inauguration. Which was very exciting and the most fun I've had with politics ever. He and my father have been both great in letting us come to their homes bedraggled and shoving us in the direction of showers, brownies and some time on terra firma.

The kiddos have really gotten attached to their uncle, as he feeds them goodies, makes lemonade (with straws..) ,very patiently teaches them how to play his video games and takes them to the Banyan tree to swing off the vines. Has been a lot of fun for them and has been fun for us to hang out with Dimi also.
We attempted to leave for the Bahamas on Saturday morning 3:00 AM, the winds were predicted from the east at 5-10 but got out there and found instead northerlies with the 4 AM forecast calling for seas up to 6 feet in the stream. It was an easy decision for me, as the last thing I wanted was to be bobbing around in the Gulf stream unable to sail and therefore without the press of sail to keep us steady and slogging into it for 10 hours with unhappy children (read seasick) We came back instead and later had a great sail to Sands Key. We are currently in Key Largo and looking at leaving from Angel Fish Creek on Wed or Thurs (if the weather holds). There are light southerlies predicted which is considered perfect crossing weather. Will let you know how it goes.
Here are the kids riding in the crotch of sail as we ghost around in Sands key, perfectly clear water, really cool to be able to see everything so clearly, we all really loved that. The kids have been making starships out of legos, after watching Star Wars, which Dimitry lent us. They walk around the decks all day, shooting down imperial starships and creating trouble for their foe Darth Vader. All I hear is light saber, and laser noises which I wish I could replicate for you but ask any small one and they'll do it for you.
Alistair's ship

Dakota's ship
Fair seas all and thanks for your messages!


Matthew said...

May the Gulf Stream be with you...

jglitter said...

More quality time with family and those you love, sounds like a great way to spend time waiting for the weather to cooperate. Happy Sails!