Thursday, January 8, 2009


So I think I left you all at Buttonwood Sound. We proceeded to make our way to Islamorada where we spent a couple of hours browsing in a huge sportsman store that has a replica of Ernest Hemingways boat Pilar.

This is Charles grilling our daily catch at sunset.

We had to haul out for a survey and so Charles dove to clean the boat bottom in preparation for that.

Dakota Caught a Cero (a close relative to the Spanish Mackerel) and we had it for dinner, yum!

Alistair caught a Blue Runner!

Dakota fishing in the morning

A mangrove nearby in Lower matacombe Harbor had a pier and 'hideout'. The kids fished off the docks and explored.

This Bolger design sharpy is moored near us.

So we went outside to go to Marathon where we hauled out and it was choppy day keeping us all on deck and eating saltine crackers. Alistair even slept to feel better. At the end of the sail as we were approaching Vaca Key a school of around 15 dolphins surfed our bow wake. It was a magical experience to see then so clearly and so many, even babies! I hope to figure out how to up load video so you all might see. If anyone knows how to do this please let me know!


jglitter said...

I use this for video -

It's free to join and will walk you through the instructions to upload a video either directly to your blog or with a link for people to view.

Thanks for taking us on your journey! Happy New Year!!

Love, Jill

Hoyong said...

Laurel and Charles,
Hi there, it's me, Hoyong! Jill and I got connected through Facebook; she send this link to me. Amazing digital world! Thanks to the technology connects old friends~~
Happy new year! Also have a safe sailing!! I'll send you my blog (once it's done) to show my family and myself. Love,

Heidi said...

Hi Lopez family. We miss you so much! Today it is 20 degrees. Reading your blog makes me feel warmer.