Thursday, June 18, 2009

Annapolis to Cape May

As we sailed through the Chesapeake to Annapolis we decided to throw out a hook. The result was a 25 inch rockfish (striped bass). We were very excited because this fell into the legal limits in Maryland to keep. He made for an excellent dinner! Two dinners actually. I just read a book in which the author described the size of fish they caught by how many dinner they got out of it. The biggest fish they caught was an 80 dinner tuna! This is the Alice in Spa creek, notice that the boot stripe has been repainted a darker blue. Charles has been working on the boat and little by little she's getting a face lift. The wood is stripped, name re-applied, boot stripe done. We hope to come home looking better than when we left (the boat that is, as for us personally.....oh well).
This is a sleeping lion that we saw in the town of Cape May. The town is very quaint and pretty with lots of cute houses and B&Bs. We were glad to be here after a gruelling day coming down the Delaware Bay. We started from Chesapeake City at 4 AM and made the end of the C&D canal at around 7 to catch the outgoing tide. The beginning was great, we had some wind and the tide we were making 8 kts! Then we came around the corner into the bay, we could see it in the distance like little ripples, a broken horizon and bam! Chop! At first it wasn't too bad but it only got worse before it got better! The chop maxed out at maybe 3 plus feet and then the tide switched against us!! We buried the bow sprit up to the cabin top over and over! Our record low speed 0.0 kts and Dakota even said "are we going backwards?" Maybe! Luckily it got better as we got slowly closer to Cape May and thankfully the wind veered a little in our favor too. We got into the canal around 4:30 and heaved a huge sigh of relief! We had a well deserved spaghetti and meatball dinner and crashed! The kids did great during the day, Dakota read a lot and Alistair even slept for the worst of it. We also had fun yelling and shouting at a particularly bad set of chop that Charles took to calling the three sisters, as the big ones seemed to come in threes.

Alas, the next day we waled into town and found a grocery store and rolled the food back in our cart and rowed it out to the boat. This pic is of the groceries tucked between my legs as Charles rows.

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