Monday, February 2, 2009


We are currently anchored behind a shoal on the east side of Cat key, our plan had been to cross the Bahama Bank last night at 3:00 but a last minute check of the weather showed subtantially enough increasing winds in the afternoon (about the time we crossed the NW channel, notorious for ugly seas & chop) so opted to hold out for a better window. Though that may mean a longish wait.
We'll sail back to Bimini later in the day and hope to catch some fish on the way. We had one on yesterday, he felt like a big lad but he managed to get off, after totally destroying the lure. ( A large chartreuse bucktail)
We stopped at the Bimini museum the other day, was very cool to see pictures of Hemingway beside huge Tuna, Marlin and other billfish. There were also pictures of famous fishing guides and of Martin Luther King who had been in Bimini writing his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. There were also movie scenes filmed in Bimini including the last scene of Silence of the lambs, the one where he does his beans and chianti thing.
Although we're learning a lot about the island and are not unhappy we are really ready to move on and make our way to the Exumas, where we really have our hearts on being but alas nature requires some patience... another lesson.


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