Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We had a great passage across the Great Bahama Bank from Bimini, where we anchored overnight on the banks, then spent a day in Frazier's Hog Cay with an early departure to Nassau over glassy seas. We reprovisioned in Nassau and headed to Allens Cay arriving there on Valentine's Day. ( If this email reads hurried, it is!) We spent some great days at Allen's cay, with snorkling, swimming, spearfishing for me and checking out conch and all the great beaches.

We are now anchored in Norman's Cay waiting out weather so we can move on to the Exuma Park. We are having a great time although dealing with the weather can be frustrating this time of year. I'm keeping this brief because our time is short but will post some pictures. The picture avove is in Norman's Cay, while I was working on our VHF antenna.

Laurel snorkling in Allens Cay

Our passage over glassy seas on the Tongue of the Ocean (9000 ft deep in places)

Sunrise over the TongueLaurel in Allens Cay with the kids in the background.

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