Thursday, May 14, 2009

Waccamaw River, SC

One of the highlights of the ICW for us is the Waccamaw River. It winds its way from Georgetown for miles twisting and turning through cyprus swamps. Filled with wildlife, we spotted our first swallow tailed kite and first aningha here. We saw alligators, turtles, osprey with babies, listened to yellow bellied sapsuckers and a myriad of other birds. The swamp is so peaceful with glassy waters and only the sounds of nature.

Looking at turtles

Here are two turtles, most likely yellow bellied sliders sunning on a logbeautiful reflections Fishing in liliesOsprey mamma defending her nestLilly pads

Cyprus swamp

At the end of the day we rowed across the river to a dock to check it out and see if we could walk up it or not. It turned out to be building lots not yet being built on and we could walk up the long pier through the swamp and around the lots. We found some black berries to eat and enjoyed a leg stretch!

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