Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Family visit in the Abacos

We arrived at Green Turtle Cay near 3 weeks ago, we spent some time exploring the reefs, spearfishing and exploring the town of New Plymouth in anticipation to my sister, her husband Bruce and two kids Max and Grant arriving to spend some time with us followed by the Waterman's a week later.

Alistair outside of Sid's supermarket in New Plymouth.

The Bernstein family arrived and we all eplored beaches, the island and Pineapples. This is at the Pineapple's pool (bar/beach club) where the kids played in the pool and swam in the beach while the adults caught up with each other and sipped on Kaliks.

Laurel taking a picture of Bruce at Pineapples.

Max showing us one of the huge starfish that are scattered over the shallow grass beds.

Here we all are having lunch at Harvey's for some good local Bahamian fare. (grouper & rice and peas)

The cousins at the Bluff House beach, happy to hang out together.

George, Greta, Mathew, Nancy, Scott and Derik arrived on the 25th of March, smiling as the ferry pulled in. Glad to see some sunshine, us and of course the little guys Dakota and Alistair.

Lisa and family overlapped with the Waterman's by two days. This is all of us at Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar having a Goombay Smash their signature drink. The bar walls are covered with cards and the ceiling rafters have t-shirts signed by the many patrons that have left them behind. Looks like Miss Emily has seen a lot over the years.

Laurel's " Desperately in need of confession" T- shirt up at Miss Emily's

Island transportation is mainly by Golf Cart. This is in New Plymouth where Nancy drove us around that afternoon.

Scott and Derik enjoying island life.

Laurel's new hat at Coco beach.

Dakota and Alistair with the kids from "Sweet William" a neigboring boat.

Dakota walking Coco beach.

This is a very small octopus that Derik and Scott found.
Scotty and Alistair at Turtle Dreams.
I went out with the boys one night, where we had great fun playing pool with the locals at Sundowners.
The rental house that the Watermans chose had a sort of open air widow's walk on the roof, very cool with great views of Coco bay and the Atlantic, the house like many we've seen around here are named by their owners, this one was named " Turtle Dreams"
We all took the opportunity to take family photos on the roof.
Lunch at Harvey's

On the penultimate day of the Waterman's visit we went for a ride on the Alice around the island, Mathew as always hadn't been on the boat 15 minutes before he caught this mutton snapper, we added him to the pile of fish for a fish taco dinner that night.
We really had a great visit both with my sister and family and all the Waterman's, there's a lot that happened like kite flying, shell collecting expeditions, many special afternoon's watching sunsets, snorkeling, some great walks and even some rum drinking that I'm not covering in detail here, suffice it to say that all left happy and feeling that they had a great visit.

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Gail said...

Woohoo! Charles with lots of curls! Amazing. Glad you're all still having a fantastic time. Such memories you're making!
The snow here is finally melting....and the spring flood waters are beginning. Our house is on the market, but things remain slow. Caravan next week, and Open House in a couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for us.