Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well, since we blogged last we have been on the move! We left the Exuma park and sailed to Black Point on Great Guana Cay where we met some folks on a boat called Osprey. They have two kids a little older but all four of them were thrilled to play! We went for a long walk to the northern end of the island and saw the 'white elephants', large white limestone cliff like rocks that stick out into the Exuma sound. After a couple of days we then made our way to Staniel Cay, where Charles went to explore the town and I entertained the four kids (Osprey was there too). We had planned to stay a couple of days and snorkel the famous Thunderball (007) but alas the weather once again intervened and we left to get protection from 40 knot squalls at the Exuma park. Although it was frustrating to be back we had a great couple of hikes and lots of great swimming, too. Every Saturday night the park puts on a bonfire and cocktail hour on the beach which we joined in with enthusiasm. A group of kids were there and our two took full advantage, as did we.

The hike we took takes you through really rough rocky coral that the islands are built on. You end up on beaches and short cliffs with great views of the sound and the banks. On the walks if your lucky you might see a hutia, a native mammal that looks kind of like a guinea pig. The hutia are endangered, so it is a great thing to see them here.

We also spent an afternoon just hanging out on a beach right in the anchorage and pretty soon all the kids came in to play and they had a ball! We haven't met too many kids so when we do it is very exciting! The kids frolicked in the water and the sand all afternoon and fell into bed that night. Happy exhaustion!

We now are back in Staniel Cay. We spent some time at the beaches on Big Major Spot and now have come back to Staniel to try to snorkel Thunderball tomorrow! The weather is wild and windy and keeps us on our toes! We will start to head north by the end of the week making our way towards the Abacos where we will meet both our families. It could be a couple of weeks before we have internet access again, at which point we will blog again! xoxo to all. L

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